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There’s still time to get your business into a storefront in Fargo’s most vibrant district for the peak shopping season. Downtown Fargo offers a wealth of reasons to make the move, from maximum foot traffic to an incredibly friendly environment for small businesses.


Source: Downtown Community Partnership (DCP)


Downtown Fargo’s sidewalks are bustling with people every day of the week during the warmer months. As highlighted above, last year saw an average of 62,000 pedestrians a month from May through September. Not only is it the best time of year to get outdoors and certainly makes strolling down Broadway more enjoyable, but it’s also peak outdoor event season. The amount of foot traffic along Broadway and throughout downtown is substantially heightened during community events like parades, farmers markets, and the street fair. Fargo-Moorhead takes full advantage of the Red River Market, Broadway Square’s outdoor movie and live music nights, Folkways night bazaars, and much more, with hundreds of thousands of people exploring the neighborhood.


Your business could be benefitting from all of this with a brick-and-mortar location in the heart of downtown Fargo.



Black Building, Bostad, and Kesler all have ground-floor retail spaces ready to be fit up to your needs. Each has its own unique attributes, and one of them is bound to be the perfect fit for you.



Being in a location that receives maximum exposure with people walk by each day is a huge factor when it comes to business success, but there are other benefits to consider, as well:


  • By 2026, brick-and-mortar retail revenue in the U.S. is projected to rise by 33% from the pre-pandemic high in 2018, according to Capital One Shopping.
  • Although e-commerce sales are growing, increasing their overall share in retail shares, brick-and-mortar retail locations are anticipated to maintain 78.8% of the market share in 2026, according to Statista.
  • A physical storefront offers face-to-face interaction with your customers, giving you the ability to create special experiences that can’t be replicated online.
  • Locating your business in downtown Fargo naturally generates opportunities for networking, community building, and direct impact in the neighborhood.



Don’t let another great season of potential sales pass you by. Reach out to us today to schedule a tour and learn more about setting up shop in downtown Fargo.
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