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In Fargo, we believe that having a vibrant downtown community is one of our greatest assets. Employees who work downtown appreciate and take advantage of the amenities our metro area has to offer.

Make Your Office One of Your Biggest Perks
  • 70+ retailers
  • Multiple art galleries
  • 70+ restaurants/bars
  • Wide variety of coffee shops and cafes
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Art & Culture

Local art and culture are what make downtown Fargo, downtown Fargo. Rich with local arts, creative endeavors, craftspeople and entrepreneurs, downtown provides a new experience around every corner.  Downtown Fargo Employees are within walking distance of the city’s finest art.

  • Fargo Theatre
  • Plains Art Museum
  • Ecce Gallery
  • Gallery 4
  • Spirit Room
  • Dakota Fine Art
  • Murals

STILL HAVING DOUBTS?Pros to Working Downtown

  • Attract Talent
  • Brand & Culture
  • Interaction
  • Central Business District
  • Consolidation
  • Triple-Bottom Line

Great Way to Attract Talent

The top reason we hear for companies thinking about moving out of the suburbs or being committed to staying downtown is that a unique office space in the heart of our historic, navigable, amenities-rich city helps them attract and retain talented employees.

Help Build Your Brand and Culture

Downtown Fargo is a quirky, lively, creative space that is full of culture and history. Naturally, these features are magnets for those who seek interaction and discovery. Having a downtown office space links your company’s brand to all that is great about the heart of our city.

Find Lots of Places to Mingle with Colleagues

Walking the streets of Downtown Fargo is the only time that you’ll run into your friends and colleagues on the sidewalk, which can only mean the best things for business. Neighbors support neighbors, and there are countless places to meet for collaboration, brainstorming, change-the-world conversations, and opportunities to simply run into people who inspire you or take you in a new direction. Plus, it’s healthy for employees to interact with people from outside of their company every once in a while!

Be Where the Action Is

You can be close to clients and customers from anywhere downtown. So close, in fact, that you can walk to them if you choose. It’s also the most unique and intriguing neighborhood to show off to potential customers. You’re near banks, a hospital, city services like the post office and library, and of course local businesses, restaurants, bars, and entertainment.

Accommodate All of Your Employees

R.D. Offutt Company will be consolidating office employees from multiple locations into its new space in Block 9, and they see it as a team-building and culture-building opportunity. Just like R.D. Offutt Company, there could be an untapped market of companies that are inefficiently spread out throughout town that could benefit from centralizing operations in Downtown Fargo.

Use What Exists Instead of Building New

This is a large part of why Kilbourne Group exists. The math proves that it’s good for all taxpayers when we fully utilize and maintain the infrastructure that already exists before building new. When a company invests in their downtown, they’re using their purchasing power in a way that strengthens the city. Many business’ cite corporate social responsibility as non-negotiable in their ability to attract a new generation of team members.

GRAB A BITE AND A CUP OF JOERestaurants & Coffee Shops

There’s plenty to do in downtown Fargo, including dining at our restaurants and sipping handcrafted espresso drinks at local coffee shops. Find your old – or new -- favorite places to connect with your friends, work, or relax.


Downtown Fargo is designed for people. Active tree-lined streets on a tight grid, intersection bump-outs, and bike lanes all serve to slow traffic and create an enjoyable and safe experience for those on foot. Walking around downtown Fargo has never been easier or more enjoyable. With a WalkScore® of 86, most errands can be accomplished on foot. A side benefit: walking downtown creates unexpected encounters and idea exchanges on the sidewalks.

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Companies Choose Downtown

According to a  study by Smart Growth America, more companies are strategically moving to downtown locations. They identified 500 companies that made the move between 2010-2015, and their relocations help create more diverse and vibrant downtowns.



We recognize that buildings and development not only impact those who inhabit them. The workforce, health, and economics of a community are all supported and increased by smart design.
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Tellwell would not even exist without the downtown Fargo-Moorhead community. From the collaborative efforts of the Prairie Den where we first got started to the countless other individuals who are growing their own companies, this community proves to us that anything is possible.”

Tellwell, Marketing Agency


Businesses located in downtown Fargo may be eligible for tax credits through the Renaissance Zone, a program enacted by the State Legislature in 1999. This program encourages investment and development in downtown corridors through the use of tax credits and incentives.

The following credits may apply:

  • 5-year tax exemption on income derived from a business or investment location within a zone
  • 5-year property tax exemption on buildings, structures, fixtures, and improvements purchased or rehabilitated as a zone project for any business or investment purpose. Land is not exempt
  • Historic preservation and renovation tax credit from state income tax for up to 25% of the amount invested in the Renaissance Zone project, up to $250,000. Any unused credit can be carried forward up to 5 taxable years
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