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Parking Contacts

  • 8 City of Fargo parking lots and 1 parking garage
  • Future 300-stall parking garage by the City of Fargo in 2019 (TBD)
  • Private surface parking lots
  • 2,000 on-street parking spaces

Future Parking

  • Roberts Commons garage NOW OPEN
  • Block 9 garage available August 2019
  • Mercantile garage available September 2020
502 NP Ave N
Fargo, ND 58102
P: (701) 235-1618
E: [email protected]
210 Broadway N, Ste 300
Fargo, ND 58102
P: 701-237-2279
E: [email protected]

15-Minute Commute

Commuting downtown for work, to shop, or to walk our streets may feel daunting – but it shouldn’t. The image to the right shows an average commute time of 15 minutes from anywhere in the shaded area to downtown Fargo at 5pm on a given weekday. This is significantly less time than other large metro areas.


Bike sharing is economical and convenient for trips too far to walk but too short to drive. Members of Great Rides Bike Share can grab a bike to run errands, get lunch, travel from the bus stop to the office, or just enjoy some fresh air.”

The system features 101 bikes and 11 different stations connecting all areas of downtown plus the main campus of North Dakota State University.

bike share

Public Transit

matbus logo
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We recognize that buildings and development not only impact those who inhabit them. The workforce, health, and economics of a community are all supported and increased by smart design.
Troy Kraft

The work we will do here in downtown Fargo will assist us to unlock new and better ways to enhance our products and processes and they’ll create new services and business that will help maintain our global leadership position.”

Troy Kraft, Vice President of Engineering, Doosan Bobcat

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