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| By Kevin Wallevand |

This article originally appeared on InForum. The featured image is by Mari Hall.

The Broadway Square ice rink in downtown Fargo has now become a noon hot-spot for fans of pond hockey. Twice a week during the lunch hour, the skates get laced up in the warming house. A winter experiment that has taken off.

Groups play 3-on-3 and without nets in an effort to keep the play low-key.

“(It’s) all about having fun,” said Noah Harvey, playing for Craftwell Architecture and Construction. “It’s kind of like the old-time, pond-hockey growing up, so it’s a blast.”

On Thursday, Jan. 26, the first match was between Absolute Insurance and Craftwell Architecture. People who want to back away from the phones and the work desk, for an hour, to play a game in downtown Fargo.

“It’s a great way to break up the day, break up the week. It’s a long winter and we all enjoy playing hockey, and what better than downtown? It is great,” said Adam Larson, playing for Absolute Insurance.

The players attract their own spectators, and it really is a sight. In the heart of Broadway, tucked in the traffic and business of downtown, a pick-up game is playing out. People taking advantage of our winter, rather than wishing it away.

“It’s just the setting, I mean, it’s the downtown atmosphere, and we got all these big beautiful buildings around you, and it’s just a great group of guys to play with,” said Aaron Hovland, playing for Craftwell.

There are a few rules. The size of the rink is smaller and players can’t lift the puck.

“It’s something fun to do, especially in the months of the year in Fargo, where it’s hard to do something outside. So it’s a great opportunity to get out and do something different,” Mike Dawson, playing for Craftwell, said.

Following the first game, RDO Equipment took on Kilbourne Group.

Right now, eight teams play on Thursday and Friday over the lunch hour. It has become so successful, Kilbourne Group hopes next winter that teams will play five days a week.

Those interested in adding their team to the noon competition, or planning a team for next year, should contact the Kilbourne Group in downtown Fargo at 701-237-2279.

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