Businesses located in downtown Fargo may be eligible for tax credits through the Renaissance Zone, a program enacted by the State Legislature in 1999. This program encourages investment and development in downtown corridors through the use of tax credits and incentives.

The following credits may apply:

  • 5-year tax exemption on income derived from a business or investment location within a zone
  • 5-year property tax exemption on buildings, structures, fixtures, and improvements purchased or rehabilitated as a zone project for any business or investment purpose. Land is not exempt
  • Historic preservation and renovation tax credit from state income tax for up to 25% of the amount invested in the Renaissance Zone project, up to $250,000. Any unused credit can be carried forward up to 5 taxable years


We recognize that buildings and development not only impact those who inhabit them. The workforce, health, and economics of a community are all supported and increased by smart design.

Tellwell would not even exist without the downtown Fargo-Moorhead community. From the collaborative efforts of the Prairie Den where we first got started to the countless other individuals who are growing their own companies, this community proves to us that anything is possible.”

Tellwell, Marketing Agency



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